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My friend Dave from Pilecast.net just picked up his new ride. Check it out…


I bought a boat


A couple of years ago I started seeing talk about a boat that was made in Tennessee that could do it all.  I started seeing guides using these boats and the water they were fishing looked like what I fish.  Shallow and rocky Midwestern rivers.  I started researching them and really liked what I saw.  They went on the short list of boats I’d contemplate purchasing.  I finally got to see one last year at the Southern Culture on the Fly Tie-One-On-Athon.  That sealed the deal.  If you can fish musky one day and salt inshore the next from the same skiff, sign me up.  I kept tabs on Towee all year, keeping up with their new offerings and the cool things they were doing.  Last summer I bought a house.  Suddenly I had a lot of room to park a boat.  Having a very understanding wife, she gave me the green light this winter to put in my order on a custom Towee Calusa.  I got every option I could.  I got the rowing frame, forward casting deck, electrical, pro trailer with tilt and swing tongue, and a bunch of other accessories.


My order went in and the wait began.  I’m only patient when I fish.  Waiting for my boat, well, that damn near drove me nuts.  All I could do was think about it.  Night and day I thought about it.  This was going to be my first nice boat and I was like a kid on Christmas.  Todd Gregory, the owner of Towee, kept me in the loop during the entire process.  From our long talks about what I wanted in my Calusa, to giving me time to really mull over my decisions to make sure I was actually sure, he went above and beyond for me.  I had planned on going crazy with some wild color but in the end I went with white.  They just look so damned good in white.


This boat is going to do everything I need and more.  The amount of water that it will open up to me locally is going to be incredible.  My plans are to pick up a 25hp motor for it, a trolling motor, and a power pole at some point.  When I went down this weekend to pick it up I got to hang out with some of my favorite Southerners, catch a musky on a popper, and bring a new boat home.  You can’t beat that at all.  I can’t wait to get back there in May for the Hardly, Strictly Musky – The Southern Classic.

To find out more about Towee Boats, check out http://toweemarine.com/ and like their facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/ToweeSkiffs

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