Exploratory Run

Trout will forever be my number one quarry but over the years the bronzebacks have become a close second. Here in the Ozarks we are blessed with a large number of streams that the smallmouth bass call home. Whether you prefer wade fishing small creeks or drifting the larger rivers, there are plenty of both to pursue these hard fighters.

Once spring hits our attention turns from the salmonids to the smallies. Waiting with anticipation for them to move from their deeper wintering holes to the shallow water, foraging for baitfish and crawdads. It was time to check out one of our streams to see if they had made the move and to give the Towee a test run with the new motor.

Arriving early at the boat ramp, there was still a chill in the air. We droppped the boat in and Chris took the first round on the bow.

After a slow start and a few fly changes, Chris got the action started.


Chris and I switched places, and I started off with a small bow and a few little smallies.


We moved downstream, putting the Towee thought it’s paces dodging log jams and motoring through the frog water. In a deep tailout, I landed a nice little brown that just crushed my streamer.



When the sun peeked out from the clouds, the caddis were popping and the trout were active but our focus was on the bronzebacks. We had to work the flies very slow and target the deeper runs and holes. We landed enough to keep it interesting but the cooler weather and low water temps weren’t helping us out.

The river is in good shape, the Towee performed well, the company was good, and I think we are a few weeks out until the fishing really starts getting good.

4 thoughts on “Exploratory Run

  1. Jeff

    Sweet boat man

    Sweet boat man. Looks like you guys did pretty damn good , we need to plan another overnighter down there and hit em again here in the next couple weeks with this weather warming up. I think Sean and I are hitting the smallies again later this week instead of doing the trout thing , we missed some nice fish on the last trip so we’ve got some redemption to take care of.


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