Norfork River Tailwater

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Norfork River is a tailwater that begins at Norfork dam and flows approximately5 miles before it’s confluence with the White River. It is smaller than the White but has the same reputation as a world class trout fishery. It holds all 4 species of trout including rainbow, cutthroat, brown, and brook trout. The current state record brook trout (5lbs) was caught on the Norfork.

Norfork dam has 2 generators which can produce 0 Р7200 cfs.  Wade fishers should be especially observant of the flows when generation begins.

The Norfork Federal Fish Hatchery is also located at the base of Norfork Dam. The hatchery produces 500,000 lbs of trout annually.

Stream Flows

Corp of Engineers Current Water Flow Data

Predicted Flows

Southwestern Power Administration’s Predicted Generation Schedule