River “X”

Starting July 1, Ozark Sweetwater will be running trips on River “X.” This is a spring fed stream in Southern Missouri that has been producing some incredible smallmouth on the fly. It is typically fished with streamers and crawfish patterns on sink tip lines. The stream has limited access so the float is longer than our typical floats. You will need to be prepared to start early and finish late. The typical days on this stream are averaging 12 hours but are well worth the effort.

There is minimal pressure on the stream and we encounter very few floaters. The water is clear and you get to see 90% of the takes which makes it unbelievably fun to fish. It is a technical stream with not many wading opportunities. 95% of the fishing is done from the boat. Our Clackacraft LP’s or our new Towee Rivermaster Calusa make excellent platforms to fish from while floating.

Due to the length of this section, the cost of this float is $425.00 for 2 people. It includes lunch and drinks. If you’re a smallmouth addict or have always wanted to try smallies on the fly, this is the float for you. Contact us if you would like more information about this trip.


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