White River Tailwater

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe White River is one of the premier trout fishing destinations in the United States. The river is a tailwater that begins at the base of Bull Shoals Dam and flows approximately 100 miles to Batesville.  Due to the releases from the dam, flows can drastically change from 50cfs – 24,000 cfs in a short period of time. The river is heavily stocked with rainbow trout in the 12″ – 14″ range along with cuttthroat and the occasional brook trout. Brown trout  are also stocked but there is a large amount of natural reproduction. Every cast gives the fisherman the opportunity at a “once in a lifetime catch.”  The brown trout are legendary in size, with fish upwards of 20lbs caught almost every year.

There are year round midge hatches and an ample supply of sowbugs and scuds for the fish to feed on. March thru May bring the annual caddis hatch and Sulphurs tend to show themselves June – July. Late summer and early fall can bring some incredible terrestrial action including beetles and hoppers. Streamer action is at it’s peak mid October – February during the brown trout pre and post spawn.

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